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About Us

YNC is an experienced Supplier and Exporter of products like Recycled Raw Materials and Plastic Scrap. The company also offers effective Industrial waste management services. With over 18 years of experience under its belt, YNC has built a strong expertise in market development of Recyclable Materials. But what does it consist of, exactly? Our starting point is to put in place a process that will make your raw waste attractive and increase its market value. In conceiving such a process and in finding the ideal client, we multiply the income generated in addition to establishing a permanent solution.

YNC is located in Quebec, Canada. The expertise in the company is about Industrial waste management and finding solutions and alternatives to landfill through the 3R’s. YNC specialize in Plastic scrap of all types. PET, LDPE, PP, PVC, HDPE, PS, ABS, Nylon, PC and PMMA are just some of the types that we work with. We buy and transform plastic by shredding, grinding, washing, etc. Then we have the raw material ready for the manufacturers. We can buy the plastic scrap in rolls, purges, chunks, bales or even loose. Since 2001, the president, Mr. Yves Noel, has worked at finding solution to collect industrial waste at the source and transform it into raw material, ready to recycle. Market development, business development and plastic expert are the main focus since the beginning. We are a reliable company recognize as such in our Country. For our products, we serve a minimum order quantity of 20MT.

Our Objective
The ultimate goal of this approach is to find a client for whom your industrial waste is considered a valued and usable raw material. Starting with an industrial waste product, we are leveraging our knowledge and our global network of partners to make the most profit. At the end of the line, you win! You have the materials. We have the expertise. Whether it is cleaning, shredding or any other processing step, the goal is to deliver a product instantly usable by the buyer.

YNC helps the manufacturers to deviate their industrial waste from landfill all around the world. We act as consultant, distributors and brokers for all kinds of recycle goods. YNC travels around the world in Trade Shows and also export in India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, etc. While a tremendous amount of waste ends up in landfill, it is surprising to realize that some waste may become a valued and useful material for other businesses that may be thousands of miles away from your country.

Why Us?
Having been licensed for Canadian Export and Import for many years, the workings of these activities have no secrets for us! Whether its road, rail, sea or air transportation, we have the expertise to deal with the logistics of moving materials from one end of the planet to the other. In addition, our alliance with firmly established global partners, multiply our strength and our possibilities. YNC puts at your disposal all its knowledge in order to generate maximum revenue for your waste.


Name of President Mr. Yves Noel
Year of Establishment 2001
Nature of Business Exporter & Supplier
Number of Employees 4
Market Covered India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, U.S.A., Canada, Turkey, Brazil & Malaysia